Our campsite

Our campsite has all the necessary comforts, structures for surfers and a multilingual reception. It is secured by maintenance and surveillance personnel who are always on-site to ensure your safety in our beautiful environment!

Other facilities are waiting for you, such as restaurants or bars that offer delicious dining options (including beer)! Come and meet us at Pin Sec beach – we have plenty of other surprises waiting for you!

The Pin Sec campsite is located on a sandy beach between two pine forests and the Médoc coast. Its unique location allows you to spend unforgettable holidays with nature for friends! Our friendly team is looking forward to welcoming you this summer, and we hope that this will be exactly what you imagined when you dreamt of your ideal holiday destination.

The first thing customers see when they arrive at our campsite are smiling faces ready to do whatever they need to get started, including packing up after a city trip or learning more about how the campsite works.

Make your holiday unforgettable by spending it at Camping Pin Sec. Contact us today !

wife and daughter in front of a sunset facing the ocean

A region full of beauty and entertainment!


Surfs camps


A wild coast where nature reigns


Numerous restaurants, snacks and bars


Gym and cross fit


Wildlife park, skydiving, paintball...


Many wine castles

The campsite map